Waitrose Customer Service Contact Number

08435 048 875

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Use the Waitrose Customer Service Number between:
8am-10pm Monday-Friday
8am-9pm Saturday
9am-7pm Sunday


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Waitrose Customer Service

Use the Waitrose contact number on 08435 048 875 to speak to a representative in the Waitrose customer service department. A member of their team will be able to deal with a range of queries or any complaints such as:

  • Your delivery is not on time or not arrived
  • Unhappy with quality of product
  • You wish to return a product
  • You have not received your membership discount
  • Lost your loyalty card
  • Questions regarding special dietary requirements


About Waitrose

Since its foundation in 1904, Waitrose has since become part of the John Lewis partnership seeing them grow to around 350 branches across the whole of the UK, thus making Waitrose the sixth-largest grocery retailer in the UK. Although Waitrose holds rather an upmarket reputation, its prices on food products are still comparable to other rivals such as Tesco. In 2011, Waitrose expanded even further through its creation of an online delivery service to its London customers, once they register as a Waitrose member. Waitrose is also a retailer heavily recognised for its charity work following its 2005 launch of the Waitrose foundation. Waitrose has received much praise from the press for its funding of education and health services in South Africa, where the foundation has since spread to both Kenya and Ghana.


Waitrose Products

With 350 grocery stores across the UK, Waitrose offers a range of products to its customers in all of its stores. Categorically speaking, Waitrose isn’t just recognised for its food and food products but also sells products such as:

  • Beers, wine and spirits
  • Flowers
  • Home fragrance
  • Hampers
  • Garden equipment
  • Products for pets

If you have an enquiry regarding a delivery on any of these products or are wishing to speak to a member of Waitrose’s customer service regarding the quality of your product then you can do so by ringing – 08435 048 875.


Your Waitrose Account

With Waitrose’s offering a membership to its customers, this allows special offers and deals on certain products that can be found by ringing the number above and also on their website. If you have placed an order on a product and remain unsure on the price you have paid then you can contact a member of their customer service team who will be able to assist you on the matter.

Holding a Waitrose account also means you can have your grocery shopping delivered to your door, thus meaning a member of staff will hand pick your products for you. Waitrose also promises that the products being delivered are hand picked on the day of delivery in order to keep any frozen products frozen and general products fresh. If you are however unhappy with the quality of your product and you wish to return them or make a complaint you can do so by contacting their customer service team on 0800 188884.

When ordering food products from Waitrose, please also take extra care when reading the dietary and allergy information which can be found under each product on Waitrose’s website. Waitrose offers a range of special requirements such as vegetarian/vegan options, gluten and diary free products etc. This also relates to their food platters which can be bought in bulks so customers are advised to take extra care when ordering products that contain special dietary requirements, if you wish to speak to a member of Waitrose’s team about their food products then please call the number above.


Waitrose Pet

Waitrose also hold their own section for household pets (Dogs, cats, fish, birds and other small pets) and sell a range of products such as:

  • Food
  • Grooming products
  • Health care (i.e. dental spray, clippers, flea spray etc.)
  • Beds, hutches, cages and fish tanks
  • Toys
  • Collars and ID tags
  • Litter trays

All of Waitrose’s products for pets can be ordered online and if you have any enquirers or complaints regarding the products then you can speak to a representative of Waitrose by ringing the number 0800 188884.

Waitrose also sell many other brand’s pet products such as natures;menu, Royal Canin, SureFlap etc. which can be found in all of Waitrose’s stores and website. If you have a problem or enquiry with any of these products, you can still speak to a member of Waitrose’s customer service team from the number above who will be able to assist you on your matter.

As Waitrose also sells many health care products for Pets such as nail clippers, flea and worm medicine, digestion medicine etc. you are always advised to read the box or bottle that these products come in before treating your pet. This will specifically relate to medicine that requires only being treated in specific amounts but if you have feel unsure or have any questions regarding the product then please contact Waitrose customer service on – 08435 048 875.

If a product that you have ordered such as a toy or even bed for you pet arrives damaged or if you are unhappy with the quality of the product, then you can speak to a representative of Waitrose from the number above who will offer you advice and assistance on what to do with your product. With products such as a fish tank that may need further assembling, instructions will be provided with the product but if you need further assistance or have questions regarding the product then please ring the number – 08435 048 875.


Waitrose Loyalty Card

As well as being a member on their website online, Waitrose also introduced a loyalty card to its customers back in 2011. However rather than picking up points, like many other grocery retailers, Waitrose opted to give its cardholders special discounts on selected products and also offer a free hot drink with every shop.

Cardholders are also able to pick up a copy of Waitrose’s magazine that contains information on recipes and price deals that that they publish monthly. Signing up for a Waitrose loyalty card is quick and easy and you are able to do so via Waitrose’s official website. However if you have ay further questions regarding the card or need a new one as you have lost your own, then please contact Waitrose’s customer service team on 08435 048 875.


Waitrose Customer Service
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