Vodafone Contact Number

08435 048 870

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Use the Vodafone Contact Number between:
Monday to Sundays 8am – 9pm


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Vodafone Contact Number – 08435 048 870

Use the Vodafone Contact Number to speak to the Vodafone Customer Service team.

Vodafone opening times are 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week.


Reasons to Contact Vodafone

Call Vodafone Customer Services for the following:

  • pay monthly mobile phone;
  • pay as you go mobile phone;
  • home phone;
  • Broadband Services;


Pay Monthly Mobile – New or Upgrading Customers

Use the Vodafone Contact Number on 08435 048 870 if you want mobile phone contract with Vodafone, or if you want to see if you can have an upgrade.

Call this number to discuss what you need and what handsets are currently available. These include:

  • iPhone range
  • Samsung
  • Sony Xperia Z Series
  • Lumia
  • HTC

Vodafone  can delivery your new phone to your billing address in the UK or Northern Ireland, providing it is the same address as on your payment card. This address cannot be changed once you have placed your order. Please ensure someone is in to sign for your phone when delivered, or it will be returned to the depot.


Pay As You Go Mobile – Topping Up

Contact Vodafone Customer Services on 08435 048 870:

  • top up your phone; and
  • check your balance.


Broadband and Superfast Broadband from Vodafone

Speak to the Vodafone Broadband Team on 08435 048 870 for the following:

  • Broadband ADSL – up to 17MB download speeds;
  • Superfast Fibre – up to 34MB download speeds;
  • Superfast Fibre Plus – up to 76MB download speeds.

Options available will depend on your location.


Home Phone Services

Vodafone provides traditional home phone landline services. If you want to move your existing landline to Vodafone, contact Vodafone on 08435 048 870 to speak to a member of the team.

Vodafone home phone packages include:

  • anytime calls – unlimited calls from your home phone;
  • Mobile 300;
  • Voicemail Plus;
  • traditional voicemail;
  • call management features to prevent nuisance calls;
  • caller display.


Transfer your Mobile or Landline number to Vodafone

Moving to Vodafone is easy and can be done seamlessly. Call Vodafone on 08435 048 870 to find out how to do this.


Vodafone Ownership Transfer

You can move your Vodafone mobile, plan or account to another person, which means they will become responsible for payment. Use the Vodafone Contact Number to speak to Vodafone Customer Services on 08435 048 870 to transfer:

  • your pay monthly number to a different pay monthly account – eg you may want to change child number on your account once the child has turned 18;
  • your business number to a personal account – perhaps if you are changing jobs but want to keep the same mobile number for personal use;
  • your personal number to a business account;
  • your business number to a new business account.


Check Your Balance and Make Payments

For billing and account queries please call the Vodafone accounts team on 08435 048 870. Call this number for information about charges or to check your outstanding balance.


Lost or Stolen Phones

If your phone has been lost or stolen call Vodafone immediately on 08435 048 870. By making this call you can have your sim and IMEI blocked. Please do this straight away to avoid being charged for any calls or activity made using your lost or stolen phone.

This may be less urgent if you are a pay as you go customer but someone else can still use your remaining minutes until you get your sim blocked.


Make a Complaint to Vodafone

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Vodafone’s service please contact the Vodafone Customer Services Team on 08435 048 870.

Vodafone will try to resolve your issue as soon as you call, but if this is unsuccessful, our Customer Relations team will investigate further to resolve your complaint.


Trade-in Your Vodafone

You can get cash, credit or discounts on billing or purchases when you upgrade to a new device if you trade in your old one. Contact Vodafone on 08435 048 870 to discuss your options.

They will assess the value and condition of your current device and give you a guaranteed trade-in price. If You choose, you do not need to use this straight away, but when you are ready to pay for a new device or accessories. Use the Vodafone contact number to speak to someone in the sales team.


Refunds from Vodafone

If you are not happy with a Vodafone purchase you have made, you can return your phone, device or accessory for a full refund. This applies to items bought from the Vodafone website or by phone from Vodafone.

You have 14 days to cancel and return your order. Please note, items ordered online or by phone cannot be returned to one of our stores.

Call the Vodafone Customer Service team on 08435 04 88 70.


More About Vodafone

The Vodafone group is one of the biggest worldwide phone companies, with around 20 million subscribers in the UK.

Vodafone launched the UK’s first cellular network in 1985. In less than 30 years Vodafone as grown exponentially with over 400 million customers in more than 30 different countries. It is the second largest mobile phone operator.

The company acquired Cable and Wireless in 2012, bolstering its position as a key player in the UK’s telecommunications industry.

Vodafone’s headquarters is in London. The Vodafone Foundation is a charity supporting special projects to bring mobile services to vulnerable people, in co-operation with other charities.

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