Samsung Contact Number

08435 040 921

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Contact Samsung Support Customer Services

You can contact Samsung customer services on the Samsung Contact number listed, between the hours shown.


Samsung Products

Samsung manufactures the Galaxy range of mobile devices: Galaxy A5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Core Prime.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone has an innovative, curved design, a live camera broadcast function, and enough RAM to ensure uninterrupted streaming. It has had very favourable reviews and is frequently recommended as one of the best Android phones on the market. It is great for media, has a really sharp screen, and an advanced built-in camera.

Samsung’s latest tablet device is the Galaxy Tab S2. It allows the user to multitask with audio and video capability and a large range of apps that can be run simultaneously in either split screen mode or by draggable, pop-up windows.

Other Samsung products include award-winning televisions with SUHD nano-crystal colour and 4K UHD detail. The R6 range of wireless, multi-room speakers, Samsung’s wireless soundbars and home theatre systems all complement these state of the art televsions.

Samsung also produces a range of Blu-ray and DVD players.

Many Samsung devices include built-in wif-fi capability and omnidirectional audio technology for an enhanced listening experience.

Samsung’s camcorders include HD and SD versions, and the NX500 and NX3300 cameras include a Power Zoom lens.

Help and advice from Samsung Customer Services

Visit the Samsung company website or contact customer services on 08435 040 921.

The Samsung Contact Number can help with:

  • technical troubleshooting for Android devices;
  • issues around other Samsung home entertainment
  • products and domestic appliances
  • including warranty information.

If you need help regarding a repair for your Samsung product, or you need to visit the nearest Samsung Support Centre, call Samsung Customer Support for the right information.

Customer Support can help you check your order status if you’ve shopped

online and Samsung’s SmartThings support offers help with Hubs, Kits, Sensors and Outlets.


Making a Complaint to Samsung

If you wish to make a complaint to Samsung you can contact Samsung’s customer services in writing at Samsung Customer Support, Selectapost 38, Sheffield S97 3FJ, or call 08435 040 921.


More About Samsung

Samsung was originally founded in Korea in 1938, moving from trade export
to electronics by the end of the 1960s. The company met the challenges of the growing consumer-led technological economy throughout the 1970s and 1980s, then underwent a huge transformation in the 1990s. The company’s new focus was on quality while being able to mass-release new devices onto the market.

In the 21st century, Samsung has pioneered the world’s thinnest television and Blu-ray player, and expanded and developed its Galaxy range of mobile devices.

Smartphones are Samsung’s best-known and bestselling products. The company manufactures most of the components in its own handsets, giving it a competitive edge regarding revenue and supply chain.

Samsung is currently ranked within the top 10 of global technology brands, selling around a third of the world’s smartphones.

Samsung’s next major release will be the Galaxy S7 smartphone in 2016.

Samsung Contact Number
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