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08435 04 7686

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Use the PlayStation Customer Service number between:
Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 7pm

Sony PlayStation Contact Number for:
PlayStation Network (PSN)
PlayStation Store
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PlayStation Customer Service Number – 08435 04 7686

Lines open Monday to Saturday, 10.30am – 7pm

You can use the PlayStation Customer Support Number for to speak to a Sony PlayStation contact agent. The PS4 contact number can be used to solve many problems with your PlayStation Device. Some of the topics that PlayStation Contact Number Support team can advise and help with, is:

  • PlayStation Network (PSN)
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation VR
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation One
  • PlayStation PSX
  • Sony PSP

By contacting PlayStation Customer Services they can offer help and advice for the following:

  • Managing your online account – set up master account and child accounts, merge old and new account, and find out how to protect your device;
  • Wireless and wired network – how to connect your PlayStation to the PlayStation Network for multi-player gaming over the internet.
  • Peripheral devices – connecting other devices such as Dualshock4 wireless controllers;
  • Looking after your console – maintenance advice and tips to keep your PlayStation in the best condition, also check online for more about this;
  • Going from PS3 to PS4 – transferring accounts from older devices to PS4;
  • Sharing PS4 with other home users – contact PlayStation to find out how to share your system through your local network;
  • Joining PlayStation Plus – contact us to see how you can get free online content and multi-player access to the latest games for your PS4 by subscribing to PlayStation Plus;
  • PlayStation Store – what’s available and how to download games, music and more;
  • PlayStation Store refunds and vouchers – querying payments, restricting account access, redeeming voucher codes;
  • PlayStation TV – just plug the set-top box into your television for access to compatible PS One, PS Vita and PSP games from the PlayStation Store, and play PlayStation games remotely in other rooms;
  • adding friends – adding online friends and also blocking user access;
  • Sony Experia Z3, Z5 and Z5 Premium – how to connect your Sony Xperia to your PS4 to play games remotely or use the phone mirrored.
  • media centre – setting up your PlayStation as a remote media device for sharing files to phones, tablets and other devices at home;
  • Vita and PSP – how to connect older devices and run retro gaming consoles;
  • Blu-Ray – playing Blu-Ray films on your PS4;
  • PlayStation error codes and faults – finding out what is wrong and diagnosing faults.
  • The launch of PlayStation VR
  • PS4 Pro – How to setup a 4K connection to your 4K HDR TV.

Contact Sony PlayStation Customer Service in the UK on 08435 04 7686.


Help With PlayStation Technical Support and Faults

Use the PlayStation Contact Number to contact PlayStation customer service. If you have any faults with your device then it is advisable to contact PlayStation to see how they can advise further. One of the PlayStation Customer Support agents can offer help and advice about your warranty and how to get your device fixed. Contact PlayStation on 08435 04 7686.

PlayStation technical faults and problems can be recorded by contacting the PlayStation Support team using the PlayStation Help Number.


How to Contact the PlayStation Network (PSN)

PSN has millions of worldwide users, connecting and gaming over the internet. Contact PlayStation Customer Service to find out how you can be a part of PSN.

Joining the PlayStation Network gives you access to the PlayStation Store for online updates, games, remote gaming, patches, videos and more. If you require any further information, use the PlayStation Contact Number.

If you want to know more about PSN, or if you are having problems with your current PSN account or connecting to PSN, contact PlayStation Customer Services on 08435 04 7686.

Always remember to check you internet connection before trying to contact PlayStation about PSN problems.

Get PlayStation Plus for your PS4

PlayStation Plus is PlayStation’s online gaming and content service. You can use it to play online with PS4. Sign up today for some fantastic benefits:

24 games a year FREE;

  • exclusive online content and PlayStation Store discounts;
  • share play access, to play shared games with friends; and
  • save your PS4 games with 10GB of cloud storage.

Subscriptions start from only £3.33 a month.

Call the PlayStation contact number on 08435 04 7686 to find out how to subscribe. You can choose to pay quarterly or annually.


Visit the PlayStation Store Online

Sony’s PlayStation Store is the online marketplace for PlayStation users. Here you can find lots of digital media and content to make your gaming experience even more exciting and vivid.

Buy games to download to your PlayStation device directly from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Use the PlayStation Store contact number for help and advice about your account:

  • how to set up parental controls;
  • downloading the latest PlayStation games;
  • downloading on demand movies;
  • using gift cards for downloads;
  • the latest series and box sets available;
  • downloading Netflix and other applications;
  • checking your account status and PlayStation wallet balance;
  • reviewing your recent transactions;
  • connecting to PlayStation friends worldwide;
  • multiplayer functions and online chat; and
  • advice and assistance with refunds.


Your Account, Billing and PlayStation Wallet

If you need to add funds to your PlayStation Wallet, set up PlayStation Store payments or require any assistance with your PlayStation account, call 08435 04 7686.

We also help you set up a new account, add card payments for Visa and MasterCard, and set up parental access controls.


More About Sony PlayStation

PlayStation 1 first appeared in 1994 and absolutely changed the whole world of gaming, selling over 100 million consoles. By 2012 PlayStation had sold a further 155 million of its PlayStation 2 consoles.

PlayStation 3 launched in 2006, selling over 165,000 in its first two days. It has gone on to sell in excess of 80 million consoles worldwide. The PlayStation 3 has since been refashioned in a slimmer formats with larger storage capacity.

Sony launched its latest PlayStation, the PS4, in 2013 and it became the world’s fastest selling console, with over a million sold in its first day of availability. The PS4 brought in startling new graphics, accurate voice control and a built-in touchpad for its Dualshock 4 Controller.

The PlayStation 4 has 8GB memory and a 500GB storage capacity, making it, in Sony’s words, the world’s most powerful console.


PlayStation 4 Pro

The world’s most powerful console was released on 10th November by Sony. The PlayStation 4 received its most significant upgrade yet with the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the most powerful gaming console in the world and is much more powerful than the original PlayStation 4.

The console was improved in almost all areas, allowing the use of 4K gaming and offering a much smoother, more realistic experience for players using the PlayStation VR. The original PlayStation 4 was able to run at 1.84 teraflops which doesn’t compare to the PS4 Pro that can run at a staggering 4.2 teraflops.

The PS4 Pro also features a 2.1GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU whereas the original PS4 featured a 1.6GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar. A small, yet efficient, improvement made would be the extra USB slot that has been added. The new PlayStation now includes 3x USB 3.1 slots. The PlayStation 4 Pro console is on sale now, costing around £349, with options of bundles available too.

In order to receive more information regarding the PlayStation 4 Pro, you need to contact PlayStation customer services by calling the PlayStation Customer Service team on 08435 04 7686. Some reasons as to why you may need to contact PlayStation customer support are:

  • How to setup my PS4 Pro
  • My PS4 Pro is broken/faulty
  • How do I transfer data from my PlayStation 4 to my Playstation 4 Pro?
  • To receive more information regarding the PS4 specs contact PlayStation customer services
  • How do I play in 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro?
  • Best settings for your PlayStation 4 Pro console
  • Can you play 4K without a 4K monitor?
  • Contact PlayStation customer support if you have any enquiries regarding the PlayStation 4 pro

How to transfer data from your PS4 to your PS4 Pro:

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