Netflix Contact Number

08435 040 998

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Use the Netflix Contact Number for:
All Netflix Sales & Support

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Netflix Customer Service

Your can contact Netflix Customer Service using the Netflix contact number on 08435 040 998.

Netflix is a leading provider of internet television. With Netflix you can watch as much as you want, anytime and anywhere. You can play, pause, resume and there are no commercial breaks.

Subscribing to Netflix means you can cancel online at any time – you’re not signed up to a contract. You can pick your monthly price depending on the kind of Netflix package that will suit you.

You can watch Netflix on your television at home, on any computer or mobile device. Netflix has dramas, documentaries, kids programmes, along with the latest films. Netflix is adding to its catalogue all the time.


Help and advice from Netflix Customer Services

Visit the Netflix website at or contact Netflix Customer Services on 08435 040 998. If you are having problems with streaming, then it could be your internet service. You may wish to contact your internet service provider for help and assistance.


The Netflix Customer Service team can offer help and support with:

  • Creating and managing your Netflix account
  • Recommended internet connection speeds
  • Billing and account issues
  • Setting parental controls
  • Connecting a device and device issues
  • Connection problems
  • Updating and upgrading.


Contact Customer Service for advice and assistance for the following:

  • Troubleshooting and network connection issues – what to do if you can’t connect to Netflix; slow or interrupted internet connection; frequent rebuffering or loading; problems starting the Netflix app.
  • Managing your account – updating your email; updating your Netflix password; changing your payment method; reviewing your payment history; redeeming a promotional code or gift subscription; how Netflix charges; cancelling your account.
  • Watching Netflix – audio options including subtitles, captions and alternative audio; connecting devices including system requirements; device features including setting up Netflix on mobile devices, using keyboard shortcuts, and setting up Netflix on your TV.
  • Upgrading or updating – deleting the Netflix app; download options on mobile devices; upgrading apps to watch Netflix on your device.
  • Use the Netflix contact number for more information.


Security and Fraud

Using the Netflix contact number you can speak to Netflix Customer Service which can give you useful advice on the following:

  • Keeping your Netflix account secure to prevent fraud
  • How to report a stolen device that has your Netflix account on it
  • What to do if you see charges from Netflix on your account that you didn’t authorise
  • What to do if someone is using your Netflix account without your permission. Use the Netflix contact number to speak to a member of the Netflix team.


Making a Complaint to Netflix

Contact the Netflix Customer Services team on 08435 040 998 or visit the online
Help Centre at Here you’ll find topics listed that can help you resolve issues you may have with your Netflix service. There is also a live chat option.


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More About Netflix

Netflix began in 1997 offering online movie rentals. In 1998 it launched, its DVD rental and sales site. From this Netflix developed a subscription service, providing unlimited DVD rentals for a monthly price.

In 2007 Netflix introduced streaming services, allowing members to have instant access to TV shows and movies on personal computers. The next year, partnerships with consumer electronics companies allowed Netflix to expand its streaming service to internet connected TVs and other devices.

By 2010 Netflix was available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Netflix first became available in Europe, including the UK, in 2012 and by 2016 it was available worldwide.

Netflix Contact Number
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