EA Games Contact Number

08435 041 002

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Use the EA Games contact number for EA Customer Service between:
Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm
Includes Technical Support for EA Access & Origin

Support for EA Sports Games including:
FIFA Series
Battlefield Series
Star Wars Battlefront
Tiger Woods Golf


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EA Games Contact Number and Origin UK – 08435 041 002

Lines open Monday to Saturday, 9am– 9pm

This is the EA Games contact number for EA Sports Console Games, including:

  • FIFA 18, 17 & associated games
  • Battlefield 1
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • UFC
  • Tiger Woods Gold


EA Games Customer Service can help:

  • create and manage your Origin account – set up or update your account by calling 08435 041 002;
  • link your Origin account with EA Games – how to access FIFA, Battlefield, Battlefront or the Sims;
  • reset account details – contact us to reset your password, change your email or other contact details;
  • verify your account – contact us for help in resetting your security question;
  • Resolve any technical problems – call EA Customer Support on 08435 041 002 for any technical problems with any EA games or Origin;
  • answer order queries – for any issues with orders you have made over the Origin website, contact EA Games Customer Services;
  • answer complaints and enquiries – visit the website at https://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/new/ or phone our EA Games support line on 08435 041 002.
  • Upgrading to play online games – contact EA to find out more about monthly subscriptions


Use the Online EA Shop with Origin

You can buy EA products and services directly from EA Sports using the Origin gaming platform. You can use Origin to connect with friends anywhere and play games worldwide on multiple platforms. Call 08435 041 002.

Getting Started with Origin

Go to www.origin.com:

  • download Origin to your PC or Mac;
  • create your EA Account.

If you need any help with this, contact the EA Shop at EA Games on 08435 041 002.

What Benefits Do You Get from an EA Account?

  • Once you know the game tags of other users you can find friends online and chat with them.
  • You can access your Origin account from multiple devices, including tablets and phones.
  • You will stay up to date with all the latest promotions and offers from EA Games and EA Sports.
  • You have access to EA Customer Services on 08435 041 002.


Technical Support for EA Games

If you require EA technical support for EA games or services, you can use the EA phone number on 08435 041 002. By using the EA number, you will be able to speak to a member of the EA customer services team, who can offer support and advice on how to solve your problem. Using the EA sports number is the best method to gain professional and expert advice on how to solve your problem. You may need to use the EA sports contact number, for technical support with:

  • Can’t launch an EA Game (Fifa, Battlefield, Mass Effect, NHL, Madden etc.)
  • EA Game disc can’t be read
  • Support with an EA Account
  • Can’t download/install Origin
  • How to change language settings in Origin
  • Resetting Origin
  • How to uninstall Origin

EA contact will allow you to receive help with problems you may be encountering in specific games. For example, you may use the EA phone number, 08435 041 002, if you are encountering problems with Fifa or Battlefield as you can speak to EA customer services who will help you solve your problem.

“Remember to check if your console is working correctly before calling the Technical Support Line”

FIFA 18 & Madden Support

If you require EA help with Fifa or Madden games, then you can use the EA Sports phone number, 08435 041 002 to speak to a member of the EA customer service team. Here you can gain expert and professional advice with regards to any issues you are facing with your Fifa or Madden game. Some problems you may be encountering on either of the games are:

  • connecting your Origin account;
  • unable to connect to EA servers for gaming;
  • unable to connect to the Ultimate Team shop;
  • loss of Ultimate Team players or coins;
  • purchasing FIFA 18 or Madden points;
  • unable to play FIFA 16, FIFA 17, or Madden Ultimate Team games;
  • unable to open FIFA or Ultimate Team packs;
  • problems with your security question for FIFA or Madden Ultimate Team;
  • creating or resetting your security question for FIFA or Madden Ultimate Team;
  • loss of data on your Pro or Career Mode.

Contact EA Sports for further advice and information.

Battlefield One, Battlefield 4, and Previous Versions:

To receive EA Games support with any Battlefield game, contact EA using the EA number on 08435 041 002. This will allow you to speak with EA customer support where you can ask any questions or receive help with problems you are encountering on Battlefield. You may need to use the EA sports UK number for any of the following reasons:

  • troubleshooting help for Battlefield 4;
  • purchasing and downloading Battlefield content;
  • setting up or renting a Battlefield server;
  • problems installing Battlefield;
  • reporting cheats or hackers;
  • loss of Battlefield account data;
  • getting stuck on the Battlefield loading screen;
  • unable to join Battlefield games;
  • Battlefield updates and patch notes.


The Sims:

If you encounter any problems with the Sims game, you need to call the ea sports number. EA contact can be reached by calling EA Games on 08435 041 002. Here you can receive support for the Sims. You will need to contact EA if you are encountering any of the following issues or apply to any of the following:

  • why your pre-order has been cancelled;
  • problems purchasing the Sims;
  • problems installing the Sims;
  • loss of the Sims account data;
  • cannot find the Sims library demo;
  • cannot run the Sims on your computer;
  • changing or recovering your password and email details for the Sims;
  • the Sims patch notes;
  • refund for the Sims game.

SIMS 4 Cats & Dogs


Star Wars Battlefront:

Star Wars Battlefront support can be found by contacting EA customer support. You can contact EA customer support by calling the EA number on 08435 041 002 where you will speak to a member of staff at EA. Here you can receive help with the following:

  • pre-ordering Star Wars Battlefront
  • problems purchasing Star Wars Battlefront on all devices;
  • problems installing Star Wars Battlefront;
  • loss of Star Wars Battlefront account data;
  • purchasing Star Wars Battlefront DLC;
  • cannot connect to Battlefront or EA servers;
  • reporting cheats and hackers;
  • unable to join Star Wars Battlefront games
  • latest Star Wars information.


EA Access for Xbox One & PlayStation

If you are an Xbox One user you can buy EA games online with EA Access. This is a subscription service with these exclusive features:

  • play first – try out new games before they are released and become part of their development;
  • play more – stream new games from the Library to your device and play them when you want for as long as you want;
  • play for less – exclusive discounts on games and other great offers.

To find out more about EA Access membership use the EA Games contact number on 08435 041 002.

These games are already included with EA Access:

  • Battlefield One
  • Battlefield 4
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • FIFA 17
  • FIFA 16
  • Madden 17
  • NBA LIVE 15
  • Need for Speed
  • NHL 15
  • Peggle 2
  • TitalFall
  • UFC Series

EA Access Support

For EA Customer Service and advice with EA Access, call EA Games on 08435 041 002.

If you are facing problems with EA Access, then you will need to contact EA. You can contact EA customer support by calling the EA sports number, 08435 041 002. Doing so will allow you to receive expert advice and support in regards to EA Access. Before contacting EA, ensure that your internet connection is working correctly as you need a working Broadband or Fibre Broadband internet connection in order to connect to Origin.

If your internet connection isn’t working, contact your internet service provider. EA Sports cannot be held responsible for your internet connection, but you can always check our website to see the status of our cloud server.

You need to call the EA Games Contact number if you encounter any of the following issues:

  • Can’t purchase EA Access
  • Can’t download games with EA Access
  • Billing issues with EA Access
  • What is EA Access?
  • How to cancel your EA Access subscription
  • How to subscribe to EA Access


More About EA (Electronic Arts)

Trip Hawkins started Electronic Arts in the USA in 1982. By 2011 its revenue had made it the world’s third largest game developer. EA has brought out some of the most popular games including FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Titanfall and UFC.

FIFA is currently the most popular worldwide gaming franchise. As a football game it sells over a million copies per year as each successive version is released.

FIFA Ultimate Team is widely popular because it gives players the opportunity to start basic and upgrade their teams as they play and compete.

FIFA 16 is the latest addition to EA’s FIFA series of games and was launched in 2015.

Battlefield is a first person shooter game for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It works on a wider scale than other first person games, and it includes large maps, vehicle warfare, and a strong teamwork element.

EA’s popular Star Wars Battlefront has recently been upgraded and released in a new, expanded version: more heroes, more villains, more planets and vehicles, and more thrills altogether.

For more information on EA Games, contact EA on the EA Games Contact Number – 08435 041 002


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