“All of our 0843 phone numbers are charged at 7p per minute plus your providers Access Charge”

“We are a call-forwarding service that uses our own 0843 phone numbers which means all calls are chargeable”

“You need to find out from your phone provider what the Access Charge is to call a 7p per minute 0843 number”

Mobile phone users be warned that calling an 0843 number from a mobile phone can be in excess of 50p per minute

All the numbers listed on this site are owned by so we decide the call charge rate of 7p per minute for our 0843 numbers. We are not associated or affiliated to any of the companies listed on our website.

The additional higher call charge which is typical when calling from a mobile phone is  your phone providers Access Charge being added to our 7p per minute. The access charge will vary from provider to provider so. You need to find out from your phone provider what this charge is to call and 0843 telephone number.

All the calls are charged 7p per minute but the access charge may vary significantly when calling from:

  • A landline
  • Outside of the Uk
  • A VOIP service
  • A Mobile Phone
  • From a Tablet
  • Alternative call services like Skype

Typical charges made from a mobile phone can range considerably from 10p to 50p+ per minute. We advise for all customers to contact their provider to check what these charges may be. You need to specifically ask for call charges to 0843 numbers and the access charge they are liable to bill you. does not benefit any more or any less if our customers call from a Landline, Mobile Phone, Voip Service, Sip Service or another other.

You can also visit the Ofcom website by using this link – Ofcom


Ofcom Changes from June 2014

Recent changes by Ofcom, the organisation that regulate the Uk Telecommunication market, have made changes so that consumers are more protected and aware then using non-geographic numbers. From June 2014 companies have to provide their customers with a ‘basic rate’ number for post contract support calls. These changes were actually made by European Legislation in October 2011. The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) is in charge of this implementation.

The full document can be found here – Consumer Rights Directive

Please DO NOT use any numbers on our website if you are wishing to discuss with the company your are contacting, Post Contract Support. If you are wishing to complain or raise support issues you will be able to find alternative phone numbers on the internet or on the website of the company you are trying to contact that are charged at basic rate (Numbers beginning with 01, 02 and 03).

For more information about Ofcom regulations and call charges please visit the website on or download the Ofcom Call Cost Guide.

For more information please read our terms and conditions or contact us for assistance.


UK Number Types

Within the Uk there are a number of different type of numbers that have different call charges attached to them. There are telephone numbers that include the dialling prefix – 01, 02, 03, 07, 08 and 09.

To make things a little clearer and simpler we have highlighted below all the different numbers that are in use and broken down the different charges. For the most latest information it is always best to visit Ofcoms website for up to date information –

We are not liable for anything listed below that may not be up to date although we endeavour to ensure it is as accurate as possible;

01 and 02 Numbers – these numbers relate to specific UK locations. From landlines the call rates may vary slightly but generally cost less than 5p per minute. Some providers do charge over 5p per minute but the average charge would be much closer to 2p per minute. Calls from mobiles can cost in excess of 5p per minute BUT calls to these numbers can be inclusive of minutes on landline or mobile packages.

03 Numbers – These numbers are the newest addition by Ofcom. They are less expensive from a mobile than 08 numbers and some providers include in your free minutes on your mobile tariff.

07 Numbers – These are mobile phone numbers. Charged from as little as 2p per minute but can be in excess of 15p per minute.

0800 & 0848 Numbers– numbers used by a lot of helplines (ie, Citizens Advice Bureau) and charities. Calls are usually free of charge from landlines but chargeable from mobile phones. Calls from mobiles generally cost from 14 to 40p per minute

0843 & 0844 Numbers – these numbers are usually for calling businesses for customer enquiries. Call charges are between 1-13p per minute for landlines. Calls from mobiles are more expensive, at 20-41p per minute depending on the provider.

0845 Numbers – typically 1-11 p per minute from a landline depending on the time of day and can include a minimum call spend. Calls from mobiles are usually 14-41p per minute.

0870 Numbers – calls cost no more than normal geographic numbers and might be included in some inclusive packages. Other providers may be up to 11p per minute. Mobile network calls are 14-41p per minute.

0871 Numbers – These number types are becoming less common but carry a charge of 10p per minute from a BT land-line but from a mobile they are excessive.

09 Numbers – high premium numbers usually reserved for competitions etc. You can bar these numbers from being dialled on your phones. Calls from a landline are 9p-£1.69 from a BT landline but can be up to £2.60per minute from other providers. Mobile charges can be 50p-£2.50 per minute.

118 directory enquiries – typically on the expensive side to call from mobiles or landlines. Most calls on a landline have a one-off charge from between 50p-£4 per minute plus a cost per minute of up to £4 per minute. Mobile charges are charged per minute only and can cost up to £3 per minute.


Minimum Call Spend

Another aspect of call charges is that providers will most commonly charge you for the first minute of a call. If you are on the phone for 30 seconds, then the likelihood is that you are charged for the first minute of that call. You will also need to check with your telecoms provider if they are charging you on a per minute or a per second basis for your call. These can make significant differences in call spend if you are a high call volume customer.

The above information is based on our research in the market, but our research may not be always up to date. We highly recommend that you visit Ofcom and your Telecoms provider for exact charges that are applicable to the service they provide you with.