BT Contact Number

08435 041 030

We provide a call-forwarding service using our own 0843 telephone numbers that are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers Access Charge.

Use the BT Contact Number for BT Customer Services:
BT Infinity
All Services provides a call forwarding service by using our own 0843 numbers. If you wish to use the official phone numbers of any of the companies listed, then we advise you to visit that companies / businesses website directly to find it. For More Information visit our information on call charges

BT Contact Number

If you are a BT customer and require any Sales or sales support assistance for any of there products and services, call BT Contact on 08435 041 030.

Billing and Accounts

To make a payment on your account for any of your services then please contact a member of the team on 08435 041 030. A BT representative will be able to help resolve your query and payment on account. If you require any assistance regarding your latest bill and think you may have been billed incorrectly then call BT on 08435 041 030. The BT Accounts team can help you with:

  • Setting up a Direct Debit
  • Changing your address details
  • Moving your number to another provider
  • Cancelling your BT Service
  • Struggling to make a payment?

BT Customer Service

To obtain help with any of BT’s products and services then call the BT support team on 08435 041 030. The BT customer services team will be able to help you with your BT phone line, your BT Broadband service, BT Infinity and BT Sport inquiries. The BT contact team are available 24 hours a day

To raise a fault with BT then call to speak to the BT technical support team to call out an engineer on 08435 041 030 24 hours per day.

BT Landline & Phone Line Support

If you require support with your BT landline, contact BT using the BT contact number on  – 08435 041 030. BT contact will allow you to speak to a member of the BT customer service team who can offer expert advice and support regarding their landline services and products. Here you will be able to receive help with the following:

  • BT landline troubleshooting
  • Contact BT for the best BT landline deals
  • BT service status
  • Report a phone line fault to BT
  • Place a BT landline order
  • How to pay your BT Landline bill
  • Use the BT contact number for more information with BT Call Guardians
  • Cancelling your BT landline service
  • Is your phone line crackly
  • Is there any intermittent noise
  • Is your broadband effecting your phone calls
  • Do you require a new BT face-plate

BT Broadband Support

To receive help with BT broadband, you need to call the BT broadband contact number. The BT contact number we provide is 08435 041 030. Calling the BT phone number will put you through to a member of staff at BT, who can give you professional help and advice in regards to BT Broadband. BT contact will allow you to gain help with:

  • BT broadband troubleshooting
  • Is your broadband slow?
  • Upgrading to BT Fibre Broadband
  • Contact BT for the best BT broadband deals
  • BT service status
  • Report a broadband fault to BT
  • BT contact allows you to test your broadband speed
  • Improve your BT broadband speed
  • BT broadband setup
  • No BT broadband connection then contact BT on 08435 041 030
  • What is BT infinity?
  • Change your BT broadband password using the BT contact number
  • Do you need WiFi assitance?

Sales and Services

To get some help understanding all of the latest BT products and services then call BT on 08435 041 030. If you require help and assistance understanding the latest phone line offers and how you can reduce your telephone bill then a BT representative can assist you. They will be able to assist you with the latest mobile phone offers, broadband services including BT Infinity and Bt Sport. Call a BT representative on 08435 041 030.

BT Infinity

Contact BT to discuss and find out if you can receive superfast fibre optical broadband of speeds up to 80mb. BT infinity is available from BT across the UK only at certain exchanges that have been enabled in your area. To find out online if your local area and street have been enabled, visit

BT TV & BT Sport

For help and advice with BT TV and/or BT Sport, you need to contact BT. For BT contact, you can use the BT contact number we provide on 08435 041 030 which will allow you to speak to BT customer services. By doing this, you can receive professional support for and of the following BT TV and BT Sport issues/queries:

  • BT TV or BT Sport troubleshooting
  • Contact BT for the best BT TV deals
  • Getting started with BT TV and BT Sport
  • Contact BT if you are facing problems with BT on demand
  • Damaged/broken BT TV equipment
  • Use the BT contact number if you are missing Freeview channels on BT
  • Manage your BT TV service
  • Make an order for BT TV or BT Sport
  • BT contact will allow you to find out how to get BT Sport
  • Managing BT Sport
  • Fix problems with BT Sport
  • Use the BT contact number, 08435 041 030, to find out how much BT Sport costs

Contact BT to get access to all the latest BT Tv offers including access to Netflix, BT store movies and the BT Sport pack. For all UEFA Champions League football including football matches with Manchester United, Chelsea, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.
The BT Sport channels include BT Sport Europe, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport ESPN.
To subscribe to the premium TV channels that include Syfy HD, History Channel & National Geographic, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon.

BT Mobile

Call BT to find out the latest deals and offers on BT’s 4G SIM only plans and they can provide 4G and Wi-fi services. BT can provide the latest handsets available in the market including Sony, Apple Iphone, Huawei, LG & Samsung.

Moving Home

If you are moving home and require assistance at moving your BT service then call BT Customer Services on 08435 041 030 to organise an engineer visit.


If you are wanting to cancel your service or you want to move to another provider then call BT to find out if you are or you are not in contract. If you are cancelling your service due to a poor service, then contact BT to make them aware. You may currently be in a contract with BT so you will need to speak to a BT Customer Services advisor.

BT Sport


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